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your life why it self breast exams work and why everything else does not. wgn news @ 9 earlier today more rain is on the way chicago area hoping put the best tonight bracing party worst. good evening, the top story more on the brain in a second but first the chicago area under a tornado watch. tom skilling >> the situation on baltic to the northwest something extraordinary and dangerous three tornadoes reported 3-4 in. of rain in three hours' time with them the last 10 minutes lightning strokes look at this is the tornado watch flood warnings in effect all ready to the west a bus tornado watch
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from 1:00 in the morning part of this ring of fire pattern temperatures in kansas hit 150 degrees in spots at this hour steaming providing energy for the storms a thermometer reading temperature readings look at the triple digit heat index reading. storms this morning right here road through the area that we went into a quiet. but we started at 5:00 and watch this area in northwest illinois powerful thunderstorms and here is a look at the situation on the three-dimensional radar clouds towering at 63,000 ft. despite the hour of the night and you can see it real-time lighting bathes at each of these clashes crowds to ground like and we can show you how to have blood in the last few hours watch do relatively small area, back building building east and the notice point in your figure
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at the view and follow four hours of radar data which is what we are doing it has poured in those areas with steady light, situation developing eastward, to chicago with heavy rain and perhaps severe weather talking more about that situation tonight will not be the last week make repeat this tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon in very active pattern. >> covering the brain and des plaines, marcella raymond the rain >> concerned bo and deborah drive in des plaines still cleaning up from the weekend storms not sure how much rain that they can't take. another severe storm another basement
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destroyed. >> this happens every couple of years. >> lived here most of his like the storm felled his basement for feet high, the water has nowhere else to go but inside has said this house has built bad times 5 ft. of water ruined everything in basement and everything on the first floor every time a big storm is coming the family gets nervous. tries to get whatever he can out of the basement. >> take everything up i feel something i cannot grab everything >> up and down deborah drive things valuable to somebody about garbage in nearly every house on the block affected by the weekend storm a new homeowner never worried about heavy rain until now.
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>> today that was large clouds wind blowing very hard afraid it was going to happen again >> every time there is rain the president's anxiety is way up >> not equipped to hold the treacherous storms, what they do concede up to help that >> revenue to the casino we need to use to infrastructure swears to have the capacity to hold the rank >> residents are skeptical about my mother has that to 35 years and i have heard from the politicians and i do not believe i just do not believe that >> we can see what they can do for us i hope i hope i hope >> and other severe storm adds insult to injury, so many towns and cities in the chicago area, many of them here have lost so many of the blogging is already
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not much left to sell or stoppage they did not want to see the brain, that i get very concerned some public are going to pray and others crossing figures and the toes opening not as bad as it is now. >> bail denied for the man accused of gunning down a chicago police officer last summer investigators say they got the man did not keep his mouth shut >> it is the break that came the admission making it third party admissions to various individuals bragging about what he had done >> 24 year old antwon carter now charged with last summer birder of chicago police officer officer michael bailey held without bail and cook county court today now awaiting trial. >> it has been a year and i am overwhelmed getting my family closure. >> officer michael bailey just home from guarding the bad mayor
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daley house last july when shot in front of his old south side home in the park manor neighborhood, 62 years old and weeks from retirement had been washing his new vehicle when the suspect allegedly tried to carjack can at gunpoint. antwon carter 3 previous felony convictions aggravated battery to another police officer in 2009 three years behind bars already back out on the street last summer on parole after serving only a portion of the sentence. >> it is frustrating those are the laws in regards to people on parole >> last week chicago police marked the one-year anniversary of officer michael bailey death with a special memorial, now 24 year old daughter herself working to become a police officer with the personnel committee or it in bulk >> try to help break the code of silence that is what happened in
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my father's case >> house now boarded up family delegate there is some are not keeping silent about the senseless loss that remains >> the atmosphere of the neighborhood has changed definitely the presence has been missed. >> sent to the cta doesn't of police officers psi to chicago bus and train stations mayor rahm emmanuel and other city officials took the green line el to the station at ashland to make that announcement, 50 full- time police officers from this fall's police academy graduation will be put into service to oversee public transportation safety by the spring of next year. >> 50 police officers a full- time not just on a part-time basis people who will know the transportation system that the st. cop on the same beat on the same transit lines every day it >> follows an increase of
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chicago trains and buses or robberies, smart phones have become the big target >> high-stakes but the chicago river and potential impact on the environment and give milwaukee journal sentinel reporting tonight after a newly released army corps of engineers report warns about 40 high risk species that could use the rebar canal system to invade the continent, army corps of engineers officials hope the report will help them figure out the best way to keep unwanted species out of the mississippi river basin. hope that modern technology will help solve a murder more than 50 years old next investigators take a look at the victim's remains as a suspect awaits his day in court and a powerful politician wants chicagos top cop to ease up on drugs are arrests and the first of five wal-mart's slated to open in the city welcomes customers for it's first day. wgn news @ 9
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cold case investigators have opened the grave of a girl murdered more than 50 years ago hoping that modern dna evidence will convict her killer who was extradited to illinois today sycamore 50 mi. west of chicago >> good evening suspect jack
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mccullough are right here just before 5:00 p.m. in sycamore and immediately taken into custody extradited to date from seattle washington several agencies participated today including the illinois state police and the fbi and the cook county medical examiner. the excavation began early this morning at the elmwood cemetery in sycamore the little girl buried next to her parents recovered remains and filled empty hole with dirt later in the morning state attorney clay campbell spoke to reporters about the decision to exhume the body. >> suffice it to say science has advanced greatly since that time hoping the advancement in science can assist us in the investigation in this case >> the case is more than 50 years old, 7 year-old maria ridulph kidnapped in december 1957 body found five months later late this afternoon a man accused of the crime arrived in sycamore from seattle jack mccullough appear in court
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tomorrow morning today's news conference the brother says supportive of the work investigators are doing. >> although the offense are very difficult and very unsettling we understand the necessity for these things and we are in complete agreement and thankful the way this case is being handled. >> back in the late 1950's at the girl's death was simply ruled as bowel play detectives now hoping the new evidence will bring them to a more specific conclusion. one that will help link the crime to jack mccullough investigators caught that they have their man >> i am convinced that jack mccullough killed maria ridulph >> state attorney says investigators are very satisfied with what they found this morning would not be more specific says the have a lot of work to do examining the remains >> we would be irresponsible if
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we did not make some effort >> jack mccullough basic murder and kidnapping charges are rain that scheduled 8:45 a.m. at the dekalb county courthouse in sycamore >> should police stop arresting people on minor drug possession charges? cook county board president toni preckwinkle thinks so, proposed it to chicagos top cop >> clogs up the jail and people are dismissed anyway >> tony preckwinkle says such arrests are overcrowding cook county jail costing taxpayers money she says non-violent drug addicts would be better off in drug treatment facilities asked how police superintendent garry mccarthy responded she said "we will see" >> republicans file suit in federal court against way democrats drew congressional districts in illinois st. the new boundary lines blatantly discriminate against latino and the gop voters they point to the
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fourth congressional district held by democrat luis gutierrez say it adds too many latinos to the retirement to the detriment of giving latinos and additional district says part of a move to protect the 3rd district on the southwest side held by democrat dan lapinski and the fifth district on the north side which democrat mike quigley represents and the new boundary lines also tear apart republican judy biggert district >> governor pat quinn will sign the eleroy dream act into law next monday the state senate and house approved the legislation earlier this year not supposed to cost tax state taxpayers a dime did not create a fund through private donations providing financial assistance to undocumented students and also let them participate in the state's two college tuition savings program also provisions to train high school counselors to help undocumented students find ways to pay with education. another day another debt plan sent back to the drawing board next why john boehner proposal
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the clock ticked talk as the deadline draws near look at the stock market numbers both sides still pointing a finger of blame at the other >> on the other day another dollar closer to reaching the debt ceiling the fault another chance for political parties to blame each other for the impact
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>> speaker planned on life- support time for him to pull the plug >> center reid spur but senator reid prevent everything he does is political >> plans to show savings may run short nonpartisan congressional budget office says senate majority leader planned $500 billion less than proposed and speaker john boehner plan over promised savings by $350 billion >> nobody believes that the john boehner plan as anything more than a big wet kiss to the right wing and i made the tea party is too bad his conscious is being run by such a small number of people the speaker version now being reworked not voted on today as planned 80 party rally by don supporters about not to back down spending >> president said to call
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congressmen and senators but what you call that tell them to hold the line tell that we have to balance the budget that the political uncertainty reflected on wall street when the dow dropped as it has all week, investors want a sign of a debt deal and so far they did not seem to see that >> all of the political back- and-forth easy to lose track of the fact defaulting on national debt could have an impact on you, analysts say if you are in the market to buy a house or a car prepare to pay higher interest rate interest on credit card balances could go up experts recommend checking in with lenders to see how a national debt default might affect you and we want to hear from you, do you think a deal on the debt ceiling will be struck before the deadline? text yes or no to 97999 or vote online, >> some of the reasons people are excited about the new wal-
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mart express store opening today in chicago chatham neighborhood 83rd and holland people stood in line for nearly two hours waiting to the doors to open the ball mark the first of five set to open in the next few years in the city of chicago >> barry expressed by sen quick > it was very express' nice and quick >> another wal-mart supercenter right across the street from the express store >> real life human example coming up your medical watch the importance of breast self examinations and later how ben affleck out 10 sot himself stuck in the middle of the debt ceiling debate. ben affleck
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baseball returning to west suburban schaumburg next schaumburg year next flyers were evicted from field last winter
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new ownership plans for the team to be back on the diamond by may 2012 also taking suggestions but a new team name the winner gets a luxury suite for opening night custom jersey two season tickets at the drop the first pitch make your suggestion by friday >> the white sox will honor longtime fan former mayor richard daley wednesday august 3rd will be made daily night as the sox take on the yankees' former mayor will receive an award for his 22 years of service to chicago and fans will receive a special commemorative baseball >> serious situation developing in the weather department tonight next tom skilling back to talk about storms tonight that could bring ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste.
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[ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. tom skilling >> have the weather thunderstorm warning have the weatherheavy weather this is what came through the area this morning, zion flooding shelf cloud across the corn fields, what a storm that was and that a number of these in recent days
9:29 pm
and the show clouds going to see more from all indications sweltering night in chicago area after the 19th day above 90 degrees at midway airport the 15th day at o'hare airport way above normal. that is what it stormie looking sky and last week hard to believe the third driest july on books heading into a drought still in a drought if you go south it is selective. these are heat index not temperatures still above 90 feels like i did not allow the lakefront, that is not good because that is energy which fuels the storms, the other storm warnings and a fact in parts of winnebago and dekalb
9:30 pm
county chicago tornado watch until 1:00 a.m. this morning watched the storms toward the northwest illinois quite a line there still developing as we come to you this out or within the last 10 minutes lightning up to 4000 cloud to ground lightning strokes dramatic displays these came down this morning, rain that has fallen so far. incomplete it is spreading as we speak. the new batch best thing will sweep eastward over the area much like out west a couple of years of the storms
9:31 pm
this morning and to the north in milwaukee, a ports of 2 in. of rain we went into the '90s after a slow start after the brain cold day today and probably heating up again tomorrow just in the same way 90s cooler at the lake from what he didwaukegan 87 degrees at midway airport these are some of the way gusts in western illinois, 45 mi. per hour, look at some of the heat out in the plains states driving all of this, radar tonight is dramatic cumulonimbus clouds, indicates how strong they are 59-64,000 but tops, we can't lay in the
9:32 pm
light thing you could see the way the storms have grown look at how the light and has expanded storms also building if you want an idea placement figure under one of these maps the storms had as we move through time, watch how they continue to reign at that particular spot on the map where thunderstorms passed over the same area hour after hour that is when you get real brain and your relation problems, this is what the model is telling us. developing more as you can see in the northern suburbs definitely papered i am afraid folks down south will not see as much rain as other areas we will break into a mixed sot he gets up tomorrow new storms began developing afternoon and evening with the next weather system here are some rain it tallies house pacific is a narrow
9:33 pm
corridor a very heavy amounts of rain grid. main estimates here you can see james built over 4 in., over 2 in. in rockford at o'hare as the mets off of the same model up to 7 in. of rain, look at all of the forecast put them together in one big ensemble somewhere between four tenths of a page-7.8 in. of rain and a couple of days sounds like a big spread and it is but that is how summer rain comes down. summer rains and never distributed evenly a flash flood watch in effect and a tornado watch in effect flood watch to tomorrow afternoon extended beyond that and a tornado watch until 1:00 a.m. with heavy thunderstorms vivid lightning and storms later tonight, low temperature of 72
9:34 pm
degrees southwest wind 6-15 mi. per hour, tomorrow cloudy intervals clusters of thunderstorms will not rain all day high temperature 88 degrees- 90 degrees in the afternoon most thunderstorms after the morning hours filling up with the warmth of the afternoon and then going through another round of storms corridor somewhere at the chicago area tomorrow night fog could four in the early morning hours of friday in patches during the day along the lake scattered thunderstorms still a possibility primarily in the morning and the southern suburbs although we have new guidance for the afternoon the weekend should be quiet but high of around 90 may be an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. probably active later tonight. >> next medical watch the debate
9:35 pm
over self breast examinations one woman's personal story also having trouble understanding the debt ceiling debate? one rapper has you covered. coming up. >> sports we have ozzie the white sox did two things that might help them down the stretch in the race beating the tigers also made a big trade all of the sports coming up 955 pm. so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you.
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pñúxbxpl@?medical watch many women
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ask can self breast examinations work? can make a difference? statistics inside a woman in chicago knows her life was in her hands >> number of family members with breast cancer more than she can count on one hand new issue was at risk did whatever any doctor told her to >> doing my yearly mammogram >> walked out with a smile of the screen showed no cancer
9:39 pm
>> within the density where a cancer can hi >> could not hide nine months before next mammogram scheduled she felt something that made her scared >> did not know what it was but not supposed to be there >> in august standard screening in december she finds a lot again by her hand >> because i continuously did exams i knew what my tissue felt like and that new whenever this was was not supposed to be there >> doctors look more closely another mammogram >> tried to see some density which is nothing obvious but what really helped us in a situation the ultrasound >> combined with finding confirms the diagnosis the official cancer diagnosis can
9:40 pm
december 28th >> than the world with the surgery to remove these cancer radiation to make sure not one cell is left and finally examination of a life i had a simple act >> self examination is very important to definitely important >> half patients i see who have breast cancer cancer is bound by that >> early detection the tumor was smaller no chemotherapy a short time of going to all of this text exam to 97999 for monthly reminders given the number of cancer in women defied south examinations work blank video self examination how to data coming up
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tremendous interest amy winehouse story of her passing has done something and later in sports white sox pulling off all of the stops as they try to take two out of three from the first- place tigers. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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1 of the sad reality of fame that the cells amy winehouse sold more music in the last sales cycle than last year soulful singer with a checkered past died of the weekend just two months out of her latest attempt at a rehabilitation program amy winehouse booed offstage a couple weeks back disappointed fans in serbia, 2007 breakthrough album containing a hit single called rehab sold 37,000 copies since last week >> hollywood star ben affleck says dragging his film into the debt crisis debate is bizarre >> putting this whole town in my rearview >> house republicans played a scene as part of a pep talk the scene showed a bank robber convincing his friend to join a violent revenge attack in a statement ben affleck says his other film at the company men would have been a better choice about the plight of middle-aged men laid off during the
9:45 pm
procession ben affleck makes the secret of the fact that he is a democrat. comedienne remy poking fun at capitol hill and the white house in a new rap video about the debt ceiling barry >> spending money we do not have and the name of the game they call me cumulonimbus because i make it ranin >> must be time checking in with tom skilling >> any song that mentions a cumulonimbus, not bad. garbage cans and branches like the air right now flying through the
9:46 pm
air right now sports do this morning stopping this about 5:00 watch by the mississippi river northwest of manila blowing up the last few hours, here is solid books with the blight and they got voted in as well, over 4000 clout to ground lightning strokes in the system look at the coverage spreading with time, here is where the storms are producing hail at the moment reports of 1 in. diameter hale, being driven by the incredible heat in the plan states current temperature still and 92 degrees in st. louis with the heat index of 101 what that does pushes the store producing jet stream up into our area, just like that and we sit on the edge storms may not be the of the cluster coming to tonight look how the heat index tomorrow
9:47 pm
rising to triple digits and lead, severe weather risk tomorrow as well. storms blowing up in the area at easing in the morning and again at northwest into the afternoon coming through after tomorrow night so they keep coming for a while and the tropical storm downed of the yucatan peninsula heading towards texas as a tropical storm bring much-needed rain probably not enough 88-90 tomorrow thunderstorms overnight will pick up 80s in the morning picking off scattered for in the afternoon again tomorrow night nocturnal jet blows into town happening tonight with the storms exiting after morning fog and thunderstorms friday perhaps i submitted store in the afternoon but the weekend sunshine morning fog patches and taste and humidity we expect
9:48 pm
that at this time of year. calling it to august next week that seems impossible. >> in a stormy way. >> yes more heat as well next week >> photos from today looking at the urban storm this morning. at the murder victim from sycamore more than 50 years photos of the day.
9:49 pm
more photos on our website and coming up the always active a general manager kenny williams at it again today the white sox make the boat ahead of sunday trade deadline and chicago bears huskies on the prowl today at soldier field sports is next.
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[ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. hot stove is cooked and not even in winter >> doubt on the south side a while today it especially for a wednesday afternoon sox engineer a major three team trade sad
9:53 pm
what of their greatest underperformance and contracts to the bench and they play the rubber game of their series against the first-place tigers the most and media concern alex chirinos said to the bench alejandro deaza sent to the minors to replace them at first big-league call run for alejandro deaza 2-0 sox all that they dot all that they needed john danks there a lot of pitches a lot of strikeouts 10 strikeouts including ryan raburn with the bases loaded in the third sale impeccable relief helped out by carlos quentin in right a couple of times including here in the ninth inning sox went to-one of the three and half out of first thanks to amy winehousalejandro deaza and danks. >> exactly where i wanted to throw at times it is good to win did not feel like i had a
9:54 pm
clean inning after the first or second and it did not felt like i could pitch out of that and he did ask for the trade 5th rd pick qb nathan enderlee and 6th rd pick jt thomasedwin jackson and mark teahen to the blue jays for area native jason frasor and zach stewart sox have been wearing out pictures jackson will be treated to the cardinals will face the cubs on friday not unexpected with the trade deadline coming up this weekend >> they do what ever they want to do as a team that you need to do as much as a cat not worry because you play with the 25 guys you have out there at the 25 best to help us went still alive the division still have a chance. >> also angels pitcher santana no hitter 2 outs in 9th soft
9:55 pm
fly ball to center, no problem 9th no hitter angels history 3rd this year, ended the meantime sausage races at miller park cubs might as well have been swimming brought worse instead of basketball leagues when that matter prince fielder of carlos zambrano, that was it no more runs, aramis ramirez tries to tie them up but called on the wall against the scoreboard another welcome to get for the chicago cubs and another loss. chicago bears another couple of draft picks 5th rd pick qb nathan enderlee and 6th rd pick jt thomas and elsewhere sidney rice to seattle and it looks like either the giants for buress. college
9:56 pm
football all around the corner northern illinois salivating over wisconsin at soldier field, huskies coach ed star quarterback in chicago today to hike out tickets already sold most to huskies' offense we are told shot went off in the big city >> is awesome you look at soldier field i was here when we played iowa and i know what the experience is like but we want to come up with a victory again you cannot look forward to wisconsin you need to think of army the first week of the year but you know we are definitely excited about comic. >> football media day tomorrow, others on debuts tomorrow night at the nba has finally set a negotiation session for monday first since the lockout began one month ago some other stars
9:57 pm
considered playing overseas and finally tonight veteran infielder orlando hudson, pop fly made catch flipped the ball to a fan in the stands and the only thing there were two outs, not three umpire called ball out of play cost san diego mayor ron that lost 6-what i hope they give beef and the ball back these #$%%# do, did not expect that from him. that is the news happy you shared time with us good night.
9:58 pm
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